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World’s and USA’s biggest casinos unveiled

Casinos have long fascinated players with their grandeur, luxury, and endless opportunities to strike gold. These impressive establishments are symbols of luxury, excitement, and dreams placed on the spin of a wheel or turn of a card. When we talk about the world’s biggest casinos, we refer to monumental structures that are not just gaming venues but miniature cities offering endless entertainment options. Whether it’s the well-known gambler’s paradise, Las Vegas, or the rapidly evolving Asian market, the biggest casinos showcase remarkable architectural and technological marvels. Across the United States, from the East Coast to Oklahoma, mega casinos attract millions of visitors annually. Join us as we explore the world of the largest casinos globally and within the USA.

Venetian Macau on the Cotai Strip

The Venetian Macau stands tall and proud as the crown jewel of Sands Resorts Macau. Taking inspiration from its counterpart in Las Vegas and boasting its very own canal and gondola rides, the resort embodies opulence and grandeur. However, the Venetian Macau significantly outshines the Las Vegas location when it comes to size. With its colossal 546,000 square-foot gaming area, it earns the title of the world’s largest casino.

Furthermore, it houses an astounding 6,000 slot machines and 800 table games. Consequently, this gaming haven caters primarily to Chinese gamblers who favor table games. Hence, a considerable portion of the floor space is allocated to baccarat, poker, and sic bo tables. Interestingly, each table can comfortably accommodate six to nine guests. Thus, the casino can welcome thousands of players at any given time.

While some may argue WinStar World Casino is larger due to more slot machines, the measure used for the comparison is crucial. In terms of actual gaming floor space, Venetian Macau maintains its top spot.

 WinStar World Casino

Most might guess that the largest casino in America resides in Las Vegas, the country’s gambling capital. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. The title belongs to WinStar World Casino, located in the small town of Thackerville, Oklahoma. Thackerville might boast a population of just over 400, yet it is home to this impressive casino. The location’s strategic benefit comes from being the nearest gambling hub to Texas, where it’s illegal to run casino games. As a result, numerous Texans flood to Thackerville to enjoy their gambling experience.

WinStar World Casino, owned by the Chickasaw Nation, has caused some confusion regarding its actual size since its establishment in 2003. Initially, it was rumored to encompass 600,000 square feet of gaming space. In reality, however, the casino began with three compact floors. Interestingly, whilst smaller than the Venetian Macau in gaming space, WinStar World far exceeds it in the number of slot machines, housing an impressive 8,600 slots. Also, its gaming space is divided into nine unique plazas, each providing a distinct experience for gamers.

Wynn Palace Macau

Wynn Resorts operates two resort casinos in Macau, one of which is Wynn Palace. Unlike its sister property, Wynn Macau, which mirrors the upscale Wynn Las Vegas, the Wynn Palace highlights more Chinese characteristics. Boasting a sizeable 424,000 square-foot gaming area, Wynn Palace surpasses City of Dreams in terms of space, making it the third-largest casino in the world. However, when it comes to game variety, City of Dreams edges slightly ahead.

The Wynn Palace hosts over 1,100 slot machines and 400 table games, which is a respectable number. However, the resort is infamous for its high minimum betting limits. Notably, guests wanting to play at its baccarat tables should prepare for a minimum bet of $300 per hand!

City of Dreams Macau

Owned by Melco Resorts and Entertainment, City of Dreams is yet another enormous casino in Macau, occupying a grand total of 420,000 square feet of gaming area. This places it as the fourth-largest casino worldwide. The intriguing layout of the casino includes three primary gaming zones along with numerous high-stakes rooms. It is well-equipped with 1,500 slot machines and puts a significant emphasis on table-based games with 450 tables gracing its floors. While its gaming space is fractionally smaller than that of Wynn Palace by 4,000 square feet, City of Dreams outperforms it in terms of the sheer volume of games. With an additional 405 games, it often ranks ahead of Wynn Palace on many lists of the world’s largest casinos.

If you plan on visiting the Venetian Macau, you could consider checking out City of Dreams as well. Conveniently, these two enormous casinos are located just across the road from each other. You can easily spot City of Dreams by its distinctive architecture, courtesy of the renowned Zaha Hadid Architects’ Morpheus building design.

Galaxy Macau

Taking its place as the fifth-largest casino across the globe is Galaxy Macau, part of the portfolio of Galaxy Entertainment. This massive gambling hub spans 400,000 square feet, trailing City of Dreams by a mere 20,000 square feet. However, the surprise comes in the form of its game offerings. Despite its slightly smaller size, Galaxy Macau outnumbers both City of Dreams and Wynn Palace in terms of game options.

The secret to this mismatch lies in Galaxy Macau’s layout, where the majority of its casino floor remains open. Apart from one exclusive VIP room featuring 50 tables and 100 slot machines, the remaining offerings are cleverly spread across the casino floor, without any partitions or segmented rooms. For those fortunate to visit Galaxy Macau, a stroll through the lavish casino and hotel lobbies is a must. Boasting grand crystal art exhibits, including a striking 3-meter Fortune Diamond, it’s any visitor’s delight.

Foxwoods Resort

Contrary to what you might expect, the second-largest casino in the United States isn’t in the gambling capital of Las Vegas. Instead, it is the Foxwoods Resort located in Ledyard, Connecticut. Owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, Foxwoods is not only a prominent tribal casino, but it also holds the title of being the oldest still operational casino on this list of the world’s largest casinos.

In its glory days, from 1992 until 2007, Foxwoods dominated the global scene as the biggest casino worldwide. However, after WinStar World Resort expanded in 2007 and Macau’s casinos later blossomed, Foxwoods had to yield the top spot. Yet it still remains the second-largest casino in America and finds a place in the global list as the sixth largest.

Despite having smaller gaming space, Foxwoods ironically offers more slot machines than the three preceding casinos on this list. Visitors can indulge in 3,500 slots and 250 table games distributed across six casino sections.

Wynn Macau

We return to Macau with the second Wynn resort, claiming the seventh spot on the list of the world’s largest casinos. Spanning 273,000 square feet, Wynn Macau just slightly surpasses Ponte 16 in size. As of 2018, Wynn Macau boasts just over 800 slot machines, accompanied by 317 gaming tables. Interestingly, these numbers don’t account for the poker tables. In Wynn Macau’s poker room, you’ll find a modest count of eleven poker tables. This might seem small, but it holds the distinction of being the only poker room in the northern part of Macau.

Ponte 16- Historic Macau

Ponte 16, ranked as the eighth largest casino in the world, offers a generous 270,000 square feet of gaming floor. It falls just 3,000 square feet short of Wynn Macau. Yet, contrary to what its size might suggest, Ponte 16 hosts only around 300 slot machines and slightly above 100 table games. Considering its mammoth size, one might anticipate a more extensive array of gaming options within one of the world’s largest casinos.

Adding to its assortment of games, Ponte 16 features two exclusive VIP rooms for high rollers. While these rooms add to the overall square footage of the casino, the exact number of games within them is not publicly disclosed. Hence, it’s clear that more games exist beyond the main floor, though the count remains undisclosed. For those lucky enough to visit Ponte 16, the casino’s spectacular architecture reflecting Macau’s unique fusion of European and Chinese history is worth admiring.

Rio Casino Resort

Recognized as the largest casino in Africa, Rio Casino Resort in South Africa also ranks as the ninth largest worldwide. The primary casino floor is home to 374 slot machines and 12 gaming tables. In addition to the main floor, the resort also houses a VIP room featuring an extra 46 slot machines and two more tables. Furthermore, the Escapades Theater offers 42 state-of-the-art slot machines, complementing the overall gaming offerings.

Sands Macau

Rounding off the list of the world’s largest casinos, we circle back to where we began – with a Sands Resort property in Macau. Sands Macau, the original outpost of Sands Resorts, opened its doors in 2004. Despite its relatively modest $240 million construction price tag for its time, it quickly became one of the world’s biggest casinos. Rounding off the list of the world’s largest casinos, we circle back to where we began – with a Sands Resort property in Macau. Sands Macau, the original outpost of Sands Resorts, opened its doors in 2004. Despite its relatively modest $240 million construction price tag for its time, it quickly became one of the world’s biggest casinos. While many of Macau’s newer casinos lean towards separate gaming sections and VIP rooms, Sands Macau’s unique charm lies in its singular, expansive casino floor. It houses close to 1,400 slot machines and 740 table games, all conveniently placed under one roof.

Largest casino by continent

North AmericaWinStar World Casino, Thackerville, Oklahoma
South AmericaHipodromo Argentino de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
EuropeCasino Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
AsiaVenetian Macau, Cotai Strip, Macau
AustraliaCrowne Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
AfricaRio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa


What are the world’s biggest casinos?

The article provides a comprehensive list of the world’s biggest casinos, including Venetian Macau, WinStar World Casino, Wynn Palace Macau, and others.

What makes Venetian Macau the biggest casino in the world?

The Venetian Macau is the biggest casino worldwide, boasting a colossal gaming area of 546,000 square feet, along with 6,000 slot machines and 800 table games.

Which casino has the biggest gaming space in the United States?

WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, holds the title of the largest casino in the United States. It is distinct in its arrangement of nine unique gaming plazas, with an impressive total of 8,600 slots.

What makes Galaxy Macau unique among the world’s largest casinos

Galaxy Macau is known for its spacious layout, which primarily remains open and inclusive. While being slightly smaller in gaming area than some other big casinos, it offers more game options spread cleverly across the casino floor.

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