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What are pay’n’play casinos?

Pay’n’play casinos have been getting increasingly popular lately, drawing more and more players online. What’s behind this new approach to gambling, and what are the reasons to choose a website operating in that way? Find out why new pay’n’play casinos are popping up all the time and what draws the players in.

How does a pay’n’play casino work?

The general idea behind the pay’n’play approach is brilliantly simple: the main goal is to allow the players to play their favorite games without registering. The sign-up process can be long and complicated, which in many cases is enough to turn potential bettors away. For quite some time it has been one of the largest challenges in online gambling, but new technologies that allow a pay’n’play casino to operate swiftly and effectively have allowed for a huge departure from the standard process.

Even though the users don’t need to directly input their data, it’s still necessary to ensure legal operation and identification of players. In a pay’n’play casino, all of this is handled by either the casino website itself or an external provider. In most cases, it’s the latter – the growing availability of such solutions has been a major factor in popularizing pay’n’play. A major part of how a pay’n’play casino works is using processes that run in the background and integrating with identification tools provided by banks and so on. As a result, the player usually only needs to log in to their bank or payment provider, who already has access to the necessary information. The reliance on external, well-regulated verification makes the whole process fully secure, as well as very fast, especially compared to having to insert all the data ‘by hand’.

Pay’n’play casinos – Trustly is leading the huge change in online gambling

Regardless of whether you’re interested in well-established or the newest pay’n’play casinos, Trustly is a name that pops up quite often on such websites. The reason is that the Swedish payment company is the one providing the pay’n’play functionality in many online casinos. It was founded in 2008, and since then Trustly has been steadily developing its pay’n’play solutions in the form of the aptly-named Pay N Play service. It’s currently used by both smaller and bigger websites, including some names known around the world, such as William Hill.

Pay’n’play casinos 2022 – why should you pick one?

We’ve covered the basic workings of a pay’n’play casino, as well as introduced the major provider responsible for this unprecedented shift in the online gambling industry. Before we proceed to pick the top pay’n’play online casinos available right now, it’s worth looking at a couple of the largest benefits of using a service like that.

1. Simple registration

The biggest draw of pay’n’play casinos is that it takes just a moment to start playing. All the required data is pulled from the bank or other service, and the only necessary step is providing the payment details. For casinos, pay’n’play can also mean getting more users who might be turned away by the more complicated requirements on other websites.

2. More security

Although this point might sound counterintuitive because the users of pay’n’play online casinos don’t need to input all their personal data, such solutions actually provide more security. A large part of that is because there’s a much smaller risk of fraudulent transactions and providing false information to the casino. What’s more, Trustly and other providers take good care of security themselves – all the data is sufficiently encrypted and protected.

3. All the usual benefits of an online casino are still there

Worldwide availability, the option to play at any time, quick transfers and withdrawals, as well as a robust selection of games, are the usual advantages of a typical online casino. All of that is still available for websites using pay’n’play technologies. In a way, this approach perfectly complements the other benefits of online gambling, making the whole process even simpler, faster, and more straightforward for the user.

Best pay’n’play casinos – how to choose the right one?

A good first step in choosing a pay’n’play casino to play in would be identifying whether the website you’re interested in uses trustworthy solutions to handle transactions and user data. It’s best to stick to casinos partnered with the most well-known providers, such as Trustly. What’s important to note is that the pay’n’play technology is generally pretty young, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of using an untested service – you should always verify everything you can before transferring money. There are also a couple of other things to keep in mind when trying to find top pay’n’play online casinos.

1. Check the availability

Because of the inherent reliance on bank integration, pay’n’play casinos might not be available everywhere. You’ll have to check not only the regulations appropriate for your place of residence but also the banks and payment providers supported by the given website. It’s a very important step – not verifying the availability properly might mean that you won’t be able to collect your winnings.

2. Verify the reputation of the casino

Thanks to the large number of independent websites that focus on letting users rate various online services, it’s pretty straightforward to figure out if a given pay’n’play casino is worth using. Before transferring money, read as many reviews as you can to figure out if there are any potential problems.

3. See if the casino has your favorite games

After making sure that the casino is reputable and you can use it, it’s time to move to the more pleasant part – picking the one that fits your preferences when it comes to available games. If you’re a blackjack, poker, or slots fan, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding the right casino. It’s a bit more difficult with less-known games, but online casinos typically have a vast selection, so you should be safe even with a more unusual taste. Another big part of picking the perfect pay’n’play casino is checking the bonuses and free bets available.


What is a pay’n’play casino?

A pay’n’play casino is an online gambling platform that allows players to start playing their favorite games without the need for lengthy registration processes. The sign-up process is simplified by utilizing identification and verification tools provided by banks and other service providers, making it fast and secure.

How do pay’n’play casinos operate?

Pay’n’play casinos streamline the login process by using background processes and integrating with identification tools already provided by banks and other institutions. Players typically just need to log into their bank or payment provider, which reduces the time spent entering personal data and enhances security.

What are the advantages of using a pay’n’play casino?

The biggest advantage of using a pay’n’play casino is the simple and quick registration process. This user-friendly approach attracts more players and retains existing ones. These casinos also offer increased security as all the data is encrypted and protected by reliable service providers like Trustly. Plus, all the regular benefits of playing at an online casino, like game variety and 24/7 accessibility, remain intact.

What should I consider when choosing a pay’n’play casino?

When choosing a pay’n’play casino, you should consider its availability in your location, the reputation of the casino, the presence of your favorite games, and the bonuses or free bets offered. In addition, ensure it uses secure and reliable transaction and user data handling solutions.

Are pay’n’play casinos safe?

Yes, pay’n’play casinos are safe. They use secure data encryption and protection services provided by trustworthy firms like Trustly. As the user’s data is pulled directly from their bank or payment provider, it reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and the provision of false information. However, it’s also important for players to do their due diligence and research the casino’s reputation before playing.

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