Understanding and enjoying Sic Bo

Sic Bo, also known as “treasured dice,” carries a rich history from ancient China, precisely from the Han Dynasty era, which is more than two millenniums ago. As an essential part of cultural entertainment and mystical forecasting, the influential game associated divination with the roll of the dice.

As time flowed, the allure of Sic Bo expanded beyond China’s confines, seeping into numerous Asian regions. The captivating gameplay and thrill it offers have seen it take root in these areas. In the contemporary era, Sic Bo enjoys global fame, all thanks to the surge of digital gambling platforms. Now, online gamers from every corner of the globe can enjoy this classic game, underlining Sic Bo’s transition from a cultural pastime to an online gaming sensation.

Mastering the intriguing game of Sic Bo

Experience the thrill of the ancient Chinese game, Sic Bo. Dive into the deep end of gaming strategy and luck, as you place bets and aim to predict the outcome of three dice.

Sic Bo’s Aim

The object of Sic Bo isn’t merely left to chance – it’s a blend of prediction, strategy, and fortune. The aim of the game revolves around accurately forecasting the outcome of three dice. With various betting possibilities available, players strategically wager on designated areas of the Sic Bo table, each representing different possible outcomes.

Sic Bo Betting

Sic Bo stands out in the gaming arena with its diverse betting options. Each type of bet carries its odds and yields varying payouts. Learning about these betting options gives players the upper hand:

The big and small bet

Perhaps the most popular kind of bet, this play involves wagering whether the total sum of the dice will fall into the big (11-17) or small (4-10) category. This type of bet is ideal for beginners, as it offers near-even chances and provides a good starting point.

Targeting a specific triple

Risky but rewarding, this bet involves banking on a specific triple roll, such as three 3s or three 5s. Should the dice fall in your favor, expect a hefty payout.

Total sum bet

A bit more challenging, this bet involves predicting the exact total sum of all three dice. With higher odds than the Big and Small bets, successful players can look forward to substantial rewards.

Doubling down

Doubling down in Sic Bo involves betting on a particular pair of numbers appearing on any two of the three dice. If lady luck is on your side and your chosen pair rolls out, your earnings double up.

Single number bet

The single number bet is betting on a single number landing on one, two, or all three dice. The payout increases with each appearance of your chosen number.

Mastering Sic Bo payouts

Getting a firm grasp on Sic Bo’s payout system is part and parcel of the gaming strategy. Payout ratios vary with each bet placed and correlate directly with their odds. Higher-odds bets typically render more generous payouts, while those at lower odds yield smaller returns. By familiarizing themselves with the different betting options and their subsequent payouts, players can form calculated strategies for their Sic Bo gameplay. Ultimately, success in Sic Bo stems from a balanced mix of fortune, intuition, and strategic planning.


When you venture into the world of online Sic Bo, you’ll encounter minimum and maximum bet parameters marked out on the gaming chart. Typically, these playout tables offer a betting range from a minimum of 1, stretching up to a maximum of 200. However, certain bets come with their specific limits as follows:

BetMaximum Bet Size 
Specific Triple25 
Any Triple100 
Total of 4 or 1750 
Total of 5 or 16100 
Total of 6 or 15150 

These bespoke limits cater to a variety of strategic playstyles, offering a thrilling experience to every level of online Sic Bo player. Whether you’re a risk-taker or a conservative gamer, the game offers a bet to suit your appetite.

Betting options for Sic Bo simplified

For the convenience of understanding, below is a summary of Sic Bo’s diverse betting possibilities, including information regarding each bet’s payout, the probability of winning combinations, and the house edge. Keeping this guide handy during your initial Sic Bo plays will significantly enhance your understanding and enable a more strategic approach to your bets.

Bet TypePayoutWinning CombinationsHouse Edge 
Small or Big Bet1 to 11052.78% 
Sum of 4 or 1760 to 1315.28% 
Sum of 5 or 1630 to 1613.89% 
Sum of 6 or 1517 to 11016.67% 
Sum of 7 or 1412 to 1159.72% 
Sum of 8 or 138 to 12112.50% 
Sum of 9 or 126 to 12518.99% 
Sum of 10 or 116 to 12712.50% 
Single Dice Bet (appears on one dice)1 to 1757.87% 
Single Dice Bet (appears on two dice)2 to 1157.87% 
Single Dice Bet (appears on three dice)3 to 117.87% 
Double Bet10 to 1618.25% 
Any Triple Bet30 to 1613.89% 
Specific Triple Bet180 to 1116.20% 
Two Dice Combo5 to 13016.67% 

Enhancing your winning odds at Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, just like with any other game of chance, there’s no guaranteed no-fail strategy. Dice rolls depend on fate and forecasting them accurately every time is unfortunately impossible – that’s the hard truth.

However, don’t fret because that’s not the end of the line. While the game relies largely on chance, there are effective tactics you can utilize to better your winning possibilities at Sic Bo. Below are some insightful strategic tips to give you an edge:

Resist overcrowding your bets

A captivating feature of Sic Bo online is the ability to lay multiple bets with one dice roll. Online casinos generally afford the luxury of betting on up to an expansive 16 areas for every roll. However, despite this allure, caution is key. Always remember, with every seemingly attractive win, the potential to lose more lurks in the shadows. Spare some time to scrutinize all betting choices, weigh the winning probabilities, and evaluate the worthiness of the payouts. A well-calculated Sic Bo plan will aid in precise bankroll management and safeguard against hasty, unfruitful gameplays.

Capitalize on Big or Small bets

This tip might sound rather obvious, bearing in mind the favorable odds and minimal house edge tied to the Big and Small bets. Frequent Sic Bo players in brick-and-mortar casinos are often spotted sticking religiously to these bets. While it’s an advantageous strategy, over-reliance on it could strip the game of its exciting element. Therefore, aim to maintain a balance, venturing occasionally into other betting options while primarily placing your higher bets on the Big or Small zones.

Avoid the gambler’s fallacy trap

One of the common misconceptions in the gambling arena is the gambler’s fallacy. It’s the misguided belief that if a particular outcome happens repeatedly over some time, it’s bound to change soon. In reality, each dice roll in Sic Bo, just like any game of chance, is independent of previous outcomes. So, whether in Sic Bo, Craps, or any other luck-based game, dodging this fallacy is crucial.

Remember, while these strategies don’t guarantee a win every time, embedding them in your Sic Bo gameplay can enhance your overall gaming experience and potentially boost your winning odds.


Is Sic Bo a game of chance?

Yes, Sic Bo is primarily a game of chance. While some strategies can help you effectively manage your bets, the ultimate result of the dice roll is entirely random and cannot be predicted

How do you win at Sic Bo?

While the roll of the dice in Sic Bo depends entirely on chance, understanding the different betting options and employing effective betting strategies can increase your chances of winning.

What are some common Sic Bo bets?

Common Sic Bo bets include Big and Small bets, specific triples, total sum bets, double bets, and single number bets. Each bet has varying odds and potential payouts.

What does a ‘Big’ or ‘Small’ bet mean?

In Sic Bo, a ‘Big’ bet is a wager that the total sum of the three dice will fall between 11 and 17. In contrast, a ‘Small’ bet predicts that the total sum will range from 4 to 10.

Are there any guaranteed winning strategies in Sic Bo?

No, there is no strategy in Sic Bo, or any other game of chance, that guarantees a win. The rolls of the dice are random and are not influenced by any previous rolls.

Why are there maximum bet sizes in Sic Bo?

Maximum bet sizes are implemented to manage the possible payouts a casino has to handle. Each game, including Sic Bo, has a house edge, and the bet limits are put in place to ensure the casino maintains that edge.

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