How to submit online casino complaints?

If you’re facing issues with receiving your winnings from an online casino, you’re not alone. Many people encounter problems when attempting to withdraw their funds. This is the most popular online casino complaint.

While it may be confusing and frustrating, it’s important to understand why your withdrawal request has been denied. While there are always exceptions, reputable online casinos strive to satisfy their customers rather than disappoint them.

However, even the best-rated online casinos can sometimes face challenges that hinder your payout. In these situations, it’s crucial to know how to navigate the process effectively. Let’s explore what steps you should take when you are facing the problem of a casino not paying out your money.

How does withdrawal work in most online casinos?

You should understand that online casinos have stringent withdrawal procedures. These measures are implemented to ensure the safety and security of both players and the casino itself.

The request for withdrawal

To start a withdrawal process, you navigate to the finance section and locate the withdraw option. From there, choose your preferred payment method and enter the desired amount. After submitting your request, you should know that casino will verify everything on their side. The timeline for receiving your funds depends on various factors such as the specific casino and withdrawal amount. Before making any claims that the casino has cheated on you and taking any action, contact the casino when the waiting time for money is long.

Validation of withdrawal on the casino side

Once you submit a withdrawal request at the casino, it will enter a “pending” status until the process begins. This process can even take several days to be completed. Afterward, the security department will review and verify your identity as well as the information you provided. Additionally, they will ensure that you have followed all of the rules outlined in the casino’s terms and conditions. Remember that, when they will have any doubts, they may contact you to verify the information you have provided. Casinos are required to check such information due to e.g. the law in a given country.

The casino is paying out money that you won

After receiving your request, the casino will initiate a transfer to the financial institution of your choice. Each institution has its procedures, which may vary depending on the payment method you have selected. If you opt for traditional methods such as checks, please be aware that it may take several days or even weeks before the money will reach you. However, if you prefer using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can enjoy a faster withdrawal process as they don’t rely on banking authorities.

Most common problems with withdrawals of money in casinos

Individuals may attempt to cheat the system by creating fake accounts, using stolen credit cards, or using any other methods. Below we will show you the main problems that may occur during trying to withdraw money from online casinos.

Verification documents

When making your first withdrawal at a casino, you will need to verify. This usually includes submitting photos of your passport, driver’s license, and/or credit card as proof of identity. Additionally, a utility bill with your name and address may be required as proof of residency. In some online casino jurisdictions, players must pass identity verification before they are allowed to play.

Suspicion of false information

If an online casino suspects that a player has provided false information, they will conduct a thorough investigation. This is mainly done to prevent underage individuals from accessing the site. By legal regulations, online casinos are obligated to check the gambling age of players. They are doing it to prohibit players under the age of 18 or 21 in certain jurisdictions. If anyone violates these rules, they will not receive their winnings.

Duplicate accounts

Having multiple accounts is not well welcomed by licensed casinos, and may be the cause, of why they won’t pay out your winnings. Online casinos have strict policies in place to prevent misuse of their welcome bonuses. If they discover you possess another account, they will require you to close one of them.

Licensed casino rules

It is advisable to thoroughly review the bonus terms as well as the terms and conditions of the casino. Familiarizing yourself with these documents will provide you with valuable insights into the various reasons why a casino may hold your winnings. Keep in mind that bonuses come with numerous restrictions, with playthrough or rollover requirements being particularly significant. These requirements mandate that you wager a specified amount of money before being eligible for withdrawal.

VPN will block all your winnings

If you are considering gambling online while using a VPN, it is important to understand that casinos have specific regulations regarding the geographical location of players. VPNs can mask a player’s true location, which directly contradicts these regulations. If you use a VPN and provide the casino with false address information, this deception will be detected during the verification process, resulting in the immediate termination of your gaming experience. The majority of online casinos strictly prohibit the use of VPNs, and any suspicion of their usage will prompt a thorough investigation by the casino management.

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How to submit an online casino complaint?

To submit an online casino complaint, you can follow these general steps:

Gather information

Collect all relevant details about the issue you are facing, such as the casino’s name, your account information, specific dates and times, and any supporting evidence like screenshots or emails.

Contact customer support

Start by reaching out to the online casino’s customer support department. Most reputable casinos have dedicated support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone. Explain your complaint clearly and provide all the necessary information.

Keep records

Make sure to keep a record of all your communication with the casino’s customer support. This includes saving email conversations, taking screenshots of live chat sessions, or noting down essential details from phone calls.

Escalate the complaint

If you are not satisfied with the response from customer support or if your complaint remains unresolved, you can escalate the issue. Look for a complaints procedure or escalation process on the casino’s website. This may involve contacting a higher-level support representative or submitting a formal complaint through a designated channel.

Seek regulatory assistance

If the online casino is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority, you can consider involving them in your complaint. Research the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the casino’s operations and check if they have a complaints procedure in place. Give them all the relevant information and evidence to support your case.

Utilize third-party mediation services

In some cases, you may also seek assistance from third-party mediation services that specialize in resolving disputes between players and online casinos. These services can help facilitate communication and negotiate a resolution.

Summary of Online Casino Complaint Process

Remember, it’s essential to remain calm and polite throughout the complaint process. Clearly explain your issue, provide all necessary information, and give the casino a reasonable amount of time to respond and address your concerns.


What should I do when facing issues with receiving my winnings from an online casino?

Start by understanding the withdrawal procedures in place at the online casino. Validate if there are any pending requirements for verification on your end or if there are specific withdrawal procedures that the casino adheres to. If the delay persists, reach out to customer service for assistance.

What is the typical withdrawal process in online casinos?

The standard withdrawal process at most online casinos starts with a withdrawal request from your end. The request then goes into a “pending” status until the casino completes verification procedures. Once validation is done, the casino initiates a transfer to your chosen financial institution.

What problems can occur during withdrawals from online casinos?

Common problems during withdrawals can include pending verification documents, suspicion of providing false information, detection of duplicate accounts, breach of casino rules, and the use of VPNs to mask your true location.

What types of documents might an online casino request for verification?

Typical verification documents include photos of a passport or driver’s license for proof of identity and a utility bill for proof of residency. These are required under legal regulations to prevent underage individuals from accessing online casinos.

How should I submit a complaint to an online casino?

To submit a complaint, gather all relevant information, contact the casino’s customer support, keep records of all your communication, and if unresolved, escalate the complaint. You can also engage the regulatory body responsible for the casino or seek help from third-party mediation services.

Is using a VPN for online gambling allowed?

The majority of online casinos strictly prohibit the use of VPNs. The usage of a VPN can mask a player’s true location, which directly contradicts casino regulations regarding the geographical location of players. Suspicion of VPN usage could lead to an investigation and possible termination of your casino account.

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